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Nowadays people often have to much of Cortisol (stress harmone) which leads to some major health problems in the body. Having too much cortisol can lead to many different problems like belly fat, brain fog, anxiety, high blood pressure and sleep disorders etc. It also weakens our immune system and makes us more likely to get many health issues.

How To Reduce Cortisol Naturally

How to Reduce Cortisol Naturally to calm stress levels?

There are many ways to reduce cortisol naturally and release stress from the body.

In today’s article we will take a look at how to reduce cortisol naturally so that you can live a peaceful and stress free life. 


What is Cortisol?

Cortisol also referred as a stress harmone which is made by the adrenal glands in the body. Cortisol has a place with a class of hormone called glucocorticoids, which are fundamental for controlling different processes in the body. 

consistently raised cortisol levels can have negative consequences on health, It disturbs the stress levels in the body. This harmone is body’s inbuilt alarm system which triggers fight or flights in nature. High Cortisol level is one of the Major cause of thyroid, Diabetes etc.


10 Ways; How to Reduce Cortisol Naturally

1. Vitamin B1 and B5- Vitamin B1 is the main supplement for bringing down cortisol levels and quieting down the nervous system.

Both B1 and B5 help to bring down stress and cause us to feel more calmer and more loose in light of the fact that they support the adrenal glands which control cortisol. Nutritional yeast is the best natural source of these B vitamins. 

2. Profound Stress- One of the primary drivers of high cortisol is personal pressure. This is normally brought about by distressing individuals or life circumstances that are difficult to make due. It is essential to make changes in our day to day existence in the event that this is going on, on the grounds that these stressors actually affect our wellbeing and Health.

How about we Find little ways to transform ourselves by restricting connections with distressing circumstances.

3. Exercise- When lowering cortisol, it is very important to get lots of low stress exercise. It’s been recommend long walks of at least 30 minutes per day with lots of space and fresh air. 

This is one of the most outstanding ways of quieting the body and restore balance to the cortisol hormone. We can likewise perform pilates or low force yoga.

4. Adaptogens- There are numerous natural herbs accessible which assist our body with adjusting to stress. Ashwagandha, licorice root, rhodiola and cordyceps is suggested. These help the capability of the adrenal glands and furthermore function as natural sleep aid.

5. Stimulants- It is important to quit drinking lots of coffee and caffeinated drinks, as these can make some significant harm to the adrenal glands.

Consuming too much caffeine and sugar gives us a quick boost in energy, but causes long term problems with our hormones. Better to be sure to only drink 1 -⁠2 cups of coffee per day and quit energy drinks entirely to reduce cortisol. 

6. Minerals- Potassium and magnesium are two of the most important minerals to reduce cortisol and stress. 

These are electrolytes which help to control and balance energy in the cells of the body. We can get these from eating leafy greens and avocados. They support the parasympathetic nervous system which puts our mind into a state of peace and focus. 

7. Vitamin D- Over 1 billion people are deficient in Vitamin D, which causes us to feel stressed and have a weaker immune system. Getting 20 minutes of sunshine causes the skin to produce Vitamin D in the body. 

If we can’t get enough sun due to weather, we can take 10 ,000 international units of Vitamin D3 per day. It’s important to be sure to always take this with 100 micrograms of Vitamin K2, as these work together in the body. 

8. Aromatherapy- It is recommended using essential oils to calm down the adrenal glands. Oil burners, diffusers and massage oils can be used to reduce stress and cortisol naturally. 

Lavender, rose and ylang ylang are some of the best oils which release calming compounds into the air that relax the body and mind. 

9. Lights- Reduce Lights Before going to sleep, turn off all lights, cell phones and devices for at least 30 minutes. 

Prepare with the goal that we can do this, as lights keep the brain active and can demolish our rest cycles. Blue light particularly has been connected to high cortisol during the night, which keeps us from sleeping appropriately.

10. Sleep- When we do not get enough sleep, our hormones and brain chemistry become imbalanced. A lack of deep sleep causes the body to make too much cortisol and noradrenaline, making you feel tense and irritated often. 

Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of deep restorative sleep per day by using some referred relaxation techniques. Especially ‘earthing’ techniques in night sleep. (PubMed)



Acupressure / Pressure point massage and back rub are methods of pulling stress truly of the muscles and body. These techniques cause further situations of relaxation which switches off the survival system in the body.



Q. What causes cortisol levels to rise in the body?

A. At the point when our body sees stress, whether it’s physical or mental, the adrenal glands, answer by delivering the harmone cortisol into our circulation system.

Q. What vitamin deficiency causes high cortisol?

A. Vitamin D, studies says that deficiency of Vitamin D causes us to feel stressed and have a weaker immune system results in high Cortisol.

Q. How common is cortisol deficiency?

A. It’s essential to take note of that while cortisol deficiency itself might be rare, the basic circumstances that can cause it, like immune system problems, diseases, or certain prescriptions, might be more normal. 

Q. What is adrenal insufficiency?

A. Secondary adrenal deficiency is one more type of cortisol deficiency that happens when the pituitary organ in the mind neglects to deliver sufficient adrenocorticotropic chemical (ACTH). This harmone stimulates the adrenal glands to release cortisol.

Q. How to reduce cortisol naturally by foods?

A. There are many foods tht aid to reduce cortisol. Some of these are Avocado, Brazil Nuts, Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Turmeric, Asparagus. Etc.


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Bottom Lines

In Summary, In above article we have seen How to reduce cortisol naturally, what is cortisol and it’s FAQs.

In Conclusion, Frequently individuals attempt to push through pressure which just aggravates the issue as it endlessly works inside the body. As we could see, there are numerous ways to reduce cortisol naturally and discharge stress from the body.

Hope you find this article informative. Your comments are always appreciated. Thank You.



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